Thursday, 12 June 2014

Me now

Ok so this is a perfect example of why I like to be in control when someone gets a camera out. I was on a night out with my besties and we met up with some girls that I don't know very well. Like always they were like "Pictures! Pictures!" And I couldn't exactly say no so I just went along with it and the next day there I am tagged in this photo. I was at work when I first saw it last week and it actually made me cry so much I had to go to the toilets so no one could see me. I just can't believe how fat my arms look in it. It was a brand new outift I bought that day to wear out and everyone said I looked so good in it but seeing this I was like a bloated whale. Now I don't know if those girls were just taking pics of me to take the piss :( 

Anyway, because of this photo and also little snide comments I've been getting at work, I've decided I want to change and lose weight for good. I CAN do it and I AM going to do it. It's all about feeling strong inside and motivating myself to change for the better, and only because I want to. 

So I'm not ashamed of my weight and I'm going to tell it how it is, like I always do. I hope you can do the same - it's so liberating to be honest! So here's how I measure up at the moment. Please feel free to tell me yours in the comment section :)

Weight: 152lb
Height: 5'5
Dress size: 16
Current BMI: 25.2

I know it might not seem a massive deal to most people, but to actually open up and be honest about how big I really am is such a release. I hope I inspired you to feel the same way.

Chloe x


  1. what a great way to inspire others and you are so brave.
    Glad to hear that you are doing this for you and don't worry about the negative people. Best of luck to you!!

    1. Thanks so much babe! Really sweet comment, you're so lovely xxx