Sunday, 16 November 2014

Review: Skinny Sprinkles Appetite Control Weight Loss Drink

Hi to all the lovely ladies who may be reading my blog! <3

Sorry I've been gone for the longest time yet again. Just been so busy with work, my son, my family...basically life. I haven't had any time for myself and when I have had a spare minute it's been to sit down and watch Netflix. 

Anyway my weight hasn't been too good lately. Like I said in my previous posts I do struggle with my body, it's never-ending and I'm only human so sometimes I get fed up of restricting all the time and just eat what I want. Then the next day I get guilty, then I feel worse, then I eat more :( It's a battle, it really is. 

Back in October my bestie got me these new weight loss sachets that she'd been using. (Don't worry we are REALLY good friends who have known each other since primary school so I wasn't offended ;) ) She also struggles with her weight and we went to Zumba together all of 2013 but somehow that went by the waste side. Anyway she really liked these new shakes and wanted to know what I thought because we always share stuff like that. 

The full name is Skinny Sprinkles Appetite Control Weight Loss Drink. After using it for over a month, I wouldn't call myself skinny...yet ;) but I have noticed a difference in the amount I eat. When I've drank one of these shakes before my meal I don't feel the need to finish all of my plate, it feels quite content to eat most of it and then stop. I also notice that I can go longer without feeling hungry. If I don't have one before a meal, like if I'm at work and I forgot to pack one, I definitely notice the difference and I crave to eat way more. 

I'm also trying hard to cut down on sugary snacks, so I've started taking healthy stuff like a banana or some almonds for breaks at work. I do like the taste of Skinny Sprinkles too, and now I'm in the routine of drinking it, it's really weird if I don't have one before a meal now. It's also made my skin a lot better, I'm not getting so many breakouts at "that time of the month" and I just feel a lot more energetic in general. 

This is what it looks like when you get the box...
All the sachets you get...

So far since I started with Skinny Sprinkles I've lost about 5lbs and I certainly haven't been doing anything different exercise wise. I really like this product and I'm going to keep drinking it for sure. The only bad thing is the price...I wish it was a bit cheaper because £18 is quite a lot for 21 sachets. 

It's available at Amazon.

If you've tried Skinny Sprinkles please let me know what you think in the comments...I'd love to know. 

Chloe xxx

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